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AF800 Series Speed Patch


Time delays waiting for necessary repairs to be made to cargo liner damage.


Speed Patch is a fast, permanent repair solution that is fully FAA approved.

Speed Patch is the #1 choice for cargo liner repair around the world.

All major U.S. commercial airlines plus international airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Japan Airlines, and many others use Speed Patch. The same is true with major shipping companies like FedEx and United Parcel Service.

Product Details

AF800 is a fast and durable “peel & stick” patch that takes seconds to install but is designed to provide a permanent repair to damaged flat and gently contoured areas of the cargo liner. Meets the requirements of FAR 25-855, Appendix F, Part III (cargo liner burn-through). AF800 kits are manufactured and supplied to FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA).

Speed Patch 800 - AF800 Series Speed Patch - AkroFire: Solutions for Your Aerospace Fire Protection Challenges

​AF800 is available in six convenient sizes:

  • AF844: (4″ X 4″ patch)
  • AF848: (4″ X 8″ patch)
  • AF888: (8″ X 8″ patch)
  • AF81212: (12” x 12” patch)
  • AF800 – 509 Speed Patch Plus
  • AF800 – 913 Speed Patch Plus

​Multiple patches may be lapped together to repair more extensive damage.

Product Advantages

Federal Aviation Administration Compliant

Liner repairs with Speed Patch meet all flame-resistance requirements of FAR 25.855, Appendix F, Part III.

Patented Technology

Speed Patch is the result of research and development by AkroFire scientists and aircraft engineers. The challenge? Speed up repair efficiency and meet or exceed FAA standards. The solution? Speed Patch, a patented cargo repair solution based on a proprietary intumescent polymer.

Fire Resistant

In the event of a fire, Speed Patch’s intumescent polymer activates to a thick, protective fire resistant char. The polymer emits no toxic gas and virtually eliminates smoke as it protects.

Fast Installation

Install in seconds. Just peel away Speed Patch’s backing to reveal the pressure-sensitive adhesive and apply the patch to the damaged area.

Durable & Flexible

Speed Patch is durable, giving it the ability to withstand contact with cargo, moisture and heat. It is also thin and pliable, enabling Speed Patch to conform to the curvature of the liner for a more perfect fit.

Snag-Free on Luggage

Unlike thick patches, Speed Patch won’t snag on luggage. Its thin nature blends in with the smooth surface of the cargo liner.

Boeing Approved

800 Series Speed Patch is approved by Boeing and most other commercial aircraft manufacturers. (Boeing All Operators Service Letter dated August 21, 1995) Contact us for a complete listing of models eligible.


AkroFire holds FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) on the Speed Patch, enabling airlines to trace parts back to the original manufacturer.

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