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AF400 Contour Damage Repair

AkroFire offers a versatile, FAA-approved solution for the repair of flat or contoured surfaces in the cargo bay. Akro repair products utilize a proprietary intumescent polymer, which activates in the event of a fire to form a thick, protective, fire-resistant char.
Repairs are durable, with the ability to withstand contact with cargo, moisture and heat.

AF400S Shop Repair

AF400 - AF400 Contour Damage Repair - AkroFire: Solutions for Your Aerospace Fire Protection ChallengesAF400S is a Fire Retardant 2 part adhesive designed to be used to repair large areas of cargo liner damage during scheduled aircraft maintenance. AF400S is suitable for all types of cargo liner repair.

Meets the requirements of FAR 25-855, Appendix F, Part

III.(cargo liner burn-through)

AF400S kits are manufactured and supplied to FAA Parts

Manufacturing Approval (PMA).

AF400S has a 30 minute pot life to allow ample time for completion of repairs

Application techniques are similar to the AF400 kit. AF400S can also be used to manufacture strong, resilient

and lightweight parts that are self-extinguishing in the event

of fire.

AF400S Kit contains adhesive parts A & B and is used with specified glass cloth.

Product Advantages

Convenient Installation

The user has all the materials required to complete the entire repair on the aircraft, eliminating time consuming searches for needed items. The AF400 utilizes an easy to mix, proprietary adhesive, packaged in a simple two-part, pre-measured pack with a divider bar. No drilling for attachment with blind fasteners is required.

Federal Aviation Administration Compliant

Repairs made with Akro’s specialty repair products meet the flame penetration requirements of FAR 25.855 (a-1) (1), Appendix F, Part III. AkroFire holds FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) enabling us to provide airlines with the ability to trace parts back to the original manufacturer.

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