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AF200 Series Duct Repair


Overhead air distribution ducts on Boeing 727, 737, 757 and 767 aircraft are prone to failure resulting in “whistles” or leaks.


AkroFire’s Duct Repair Kit is a fast repair solution that meets FAA flammability requirements.

The AF201 Duct Repair Kit provides enough adhesive and tape to repair the largest diameter duct, or may be used for multiple smaller repairs. Best of all, once the repair is affected the problem is solved—forever!

Product Details

AF201    For repair of damage to joints on overhead distribution ducts.

Product Advantages

Meets FAA Vertical Burn Requirements

Akro’s Duct Repair Kit incorporates proprietary fire retardant chemicals designed to meet the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853 (a), App. F., Part I, (a) 1 (ii), 12 Second Vertical Burn.

Convenient Installation

The AF201 kit contains all the materials required to complete the entire repair on the aircraft without disassembling the duct. Akro’s quick setting adhesive for effective and timely repairs is packaged in a simple two-part, pre-measured pack with divider bar.

Durable, Yet Flexible

The repair is airtight, yet flexible to accommodate movement of the duct.


The kit provides enough material to repair the largest duct circumference or to make multiple repairs.


AkroFire holds FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) on the AF201 Duct Joint Repair Kit, enabling airlines to trace parts back to the original manufacturer.

Boeing No Technical Objection Letter (18 February 1995)

After request from operators, Boeing approved the use of the AF201 duct repair Kit for the repair of overhead distribution ducts in affected aircraft per this letter.

Excellent Properties

The AF201 utilizes a proprietary, room-temperature-curing adhesive, which contains no solvents and has excellent mechanical properties. Formulated with exceptional sag resistance, the product develops excellent adhesion to duct surfaces.


  • 727 series
  • 737 – 500
  • 737 – 400
  • 737 – 300
  • 757 series
  • 767 series
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