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AF450 Soft Liner Repair

The AF450 Soft Liner kit is designed to repair damage to soft liners within the cargo compartment of commercial aircraft and specifically soft liners that are qualified to the Boeing Specification BMS 8-343 Type 1.

Damage to soft liners, or zipper liners, is a serious problem for airlines. These liners are expensive to replace and standard cargo repairs do not retain the inherent flexibility of the fabric liner.

The AF450 solves this problem with a repair that can be affected either on the aircraft or in the shop while maintaining the desired physical properties of the parent substrate.

AF450 meets the requirements of FAR 25.855 (a-1) (1), Appendix F, Part III and is manufactured and supplied to FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA).

AF-450 is also a solution for AD 2021-02-19 – Boeing 787 torn decompression panels being found in the bilge area. Source

AF450 - AF450 Soft Liner Repair - AkroFire: Solutions for Your Aerospace Fire Protection Challenges
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