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Composite Materials

Our commitment to fire and thermal management led to the development of a robust composite materials business.

Akro composite applications include unique developed technology coupled with engineering services, allowing:

  • Supply of engineered solutions utilizing Akro technologies
  • Supply of materials based on Akro technologies
  • Development of new materials to meet specific customer requirements
  • Build to print and build to design composite components

Applications for Akro composite systems include:

  • Firewalls
  • APU components
  • Pylon components
  • High temperature ducting
  • Engine nacelle components
  • Heat shields
  • High temperature/fire resistant enclosures
  • Air distribution ducting
  • Secondary structural components

Proprietary Systems

AkroFire has developed a range of proprietary systems to meet the needs of fire resistance and high temperature composite applications.
Using the technology as the basis, we are able to engineer, design and manufacture solutions to complex fire and thermal problems.


  • Fiber reinforced, high temperature, fire resistant composite system
  • Allows the fabrication of complex components ranging from firewalls to fireproof/fire resistant inlets and ducts
  • Technically superior and lower cost alternative to traditional materials such as stainless steel & titanium


  • Syntactic foam systems designed to provide a combination of, insulation & fire resistance
Syntactic Foam2 - Composite Materials - AkroFire: Solutions for Your Aerospace Fire Protection Challenges
Syntactic Foam - Composite Materials - AkroFire: Solutions for Your Aerospace Fire Protection Challenges

Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities include: (but are not limited to)

AkroFire has developed a number of facilities designed to provide a balanced level of engineering, manufacturing and technical support for both low volume and high volume composite product manufacture.

  • Vacuum bag oven cured molding
  • Compression molding
  • Wet lay-up
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