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AF 400-S Shop Adhesive Wet Layup

Akro’s AF400-S Shop Adhesive is specifically designed to rebuild damaged cargo liners, shrouds and design features in cargo compartments of commercial aircraft. The AF400-S utilizes Akro’s proprietary intumescent polymer in conjunction with airline supplied fiberglass cloth. Repairs are compliant with the fire worthiness standards of FAR 25.855.

Product Advantages

Extended Open Time

Intended primarily for shop use, Akro’s adhesive provides enough open time for wet lay up, vacuum bagging and other common fabrication techniques.

Several Airline Applications:

  • Molded or shaped cargo liners and shrouds
  • Composite floor panels in the MD80 cargo bay
  • Fokker 100 cargo bay doors • B737 oxygen bottle shrouds
  • Composite side wall panel in Airbus cargo bay

Construct Fire Retardant Structures

Airlines use the AF400-S system to construct strong, resilient, and lightweight parts, which are completely self-extinguishing in the event of fire. For example, bumpers for the fore and aft cargo doors of DC10 and MD11 freighters have been replaced with AF400-S laminate constructions.

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